Travelling with dogs in Switzerland

Useful information and tips for travelling in Switzerland accompanied by dogs.

Public buildings
Usually, in Switzerland dogs are accepted to enter public buildings. It is also accepted to take them into shops (exceptions: grocery stores, pharmacies, drugstores and shops with signs restricting the access of dogs).

Restaurants und Hotels
Dogs can be taken into restaurants. In general, hotels will also accept dogs, but it is highly recommended to ask the responsible person at the hotel, if dogs are generally accepted and, if yes, how many animals can be taken into the room. It is also useful to ask, how high the fees are for any additional dog.

Dog faeces and waste
Switzerland is known as a very clean country and dogs have an excellent reputation! Please help us to keep this standard. Almost everywhere you can find the green coloured “Robidog-bins”, providing plastic bags for free, to pick up your dog’s excrements.

Thank you very much for your efforts and help!